Lessons On Piano

The piano is a fantastic resource for those wanting to learn more about music. Whether you’re an adult who’s always wanted to learn how to play music or better understand how music “works”, or if you’re a parent with a young child eager to explore an instrument, playing the piano can help illuminate the fundamentals of music.

Studies will be rooted in musical notation, though certainly not limited to them entirely. Exercises and repertoire will be selected to train fingers, develop listening skills, and illuminate principles of music theory.  For those interested, exercises in composition and improvisation can be used as a way of applying theoretical concepts, all while keeping them connected to those feelings of creativity, self expression, and play that make music so rewarding in the first place.

For older or more mature students with specific musical interests, lesson structures can be highly flexible. Whether you are a beginner or a longtime player, whether you hope to play classical masterworks or just find enough chords accompanying yourself singing your favorite songs, we can work together to find a lesson structure that works best for you.

Stride piano adaptation of an old time blues fiddle tune:

A classical work by early 20th century composer Claude Debussy: