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ANY STYLE, all ages, all levels

There are A LOT of ways to play the banjo. I teach the two most common styles, clawhammer and three-finger or “Scruggs style”. I have also studied rare or obscure styles of interest for those wanting to dive deeper into the banjo tradition. I teach all ages and levels. Whether you’re young or not-so young, a total beginner or an experienced player, I can help you achieve a new level of musicianship with clear and patient instruction.


My teaching style is meant to empower you to play with others. You will learn tunes you can take to any jam, anywhere. You will also learn skills that allow you to participate the way you want to. Some people want to be in the spotlight; Others want to support from the side. I always try to adjust my teaching to help put a student where they want to be.


Any tune or song should be a vessel for your own creativity. In our lessons, you will learn how to embellish and adapt tunes to your liking. You will deepen your understanding of style and develop your own musical personality and imagination.


Learning the banjo is about more than learning notes and technique. I try to pass on knowledge of the individuals, the communities, and the cultures that have shaped the tunes we play today, and the way we play them.

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