Lessons on Guitar

A New Level Of Musicianship

I am currently accepting intermediate or advanced players seeking a new level of musicianship and creativity. I will gladly meet with any guitarist for a consultation, but please be prepared to demonstrate some proficiency with a few chords (preferably at least one bar chord) and strumming patterns at the least.

Traditonal Folk Styles

Lessons on the guitar can focus on a number of traditional styles rooted in fingerpicking techniques, like country blues and ragtime. Whether you’re new to fingerpicking or someone already well-versed in the styles and tunes of iconic players, I have a lot to offer. Some skills I commonly work on with students include:

  • Introduction to fundamental right hand fingerpicking rhythms
  • Exploration of chord shapes across the entire neck
  • Music theory ideas that can help us understand and creatively engage with styles of blues, ragtime, and early jazz.
  • Advanced rhythms and techniques of the iconic ragtime guitarists: Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Gary Davis
  • Arrangements of ragtime piano music, and exploring the art/skill of arranging for guitar.

Additionally, I am happy to work with guitarists interested in old time music, and the art of accompanying fiddle tunes.